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Activities To Do At Home

Here are some Resources to Check Out for working on math at home

Nelson Math

Online textbook access

Waterloo University:

CEMC courseware Material available for Ontario curriculum high school/middle school math and computer science

CEMC At Home Material available for various grades

CEMC Problem Of The Week New problems/archives of past problems and solutions by grade level

OAME (Ontario Association of Math Educators)

Grade Specific Resources (K-12, including financial literacy)

Rich Tasks

Math For the Nines compilation of rich tasks submitted by grade 9 teachers

Which One Doesn’t Belong 4 photos are presented, and the goal is to find a reason why each might not belong to the others.

Tap Into Teen Minds 3 Act Math Tasks–problem solving activities with a video/photo as an intro and a video/photo as a conclusion

Online Math Tutoring Sites:

KhanAcademy Videos and Practice Problems (searchable by keyword)

Mathify Grade 6-10 Math Tutoring (I think you need your Ontario education number to register–which is found on report cards)

KnowledgeHook  Use the class code given in our google classroom–students, ask your teachers for a class code.

PurpleMath Lots of Instruction on different topics (American)


Solve Me Mobiles Game to Develop Equation Solving logic

APlusMath Games Practice your Skills

TopMarks Math Games for Ages 3-14

Other Resources

Mathies Games/Manipulatives/Gap Closing activities (K-12)

NumberTalkImages Photos which can be a springboard to many math conversations

Estimation 180 Photos which are a springboard to honing estimation skills



Graphing, Geometry, teacher sitewhere you can choose activities and assign them to a class, student site where you can use the code provided from the teacher site to do activities

Worksheets  (Maths Libres-en Français) Work Sheets on many subjects

Five Minute Frenzy (our multiplication sheets we’ve used)

Past EQAO Tests (Note: there is no EQAO scheduled for this year) (et en Français)

APlusMath Flash Cards and Worksheets

Ministry Provided Supports


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