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Grade 9 Math

Hello and welcome!

Homework is assigned almost every day.  Homework will be done in a homework book, which is a bound notebook.

You will need a binder or another notebook for class notes and for keeping track of handouts, quizzes and tests.

We will have a formative quiz each Friday.  In class we will do formative investigations also.  Formative assessment provides important information regarding your progress in the course.

Please bring the following materials to class each day: pencil/pen, paper, binder, homework book, math text book, scientific calculator, graph paper, ruler, protractor

Although you can do a lot of calculating on many different technological tools, you must use a calculator for all quizzes, tests, exams, and investigations (it is not permitted to use a cell phone as a calculator during an evaluation)

Here’s your homework

Course Outline (.pdf)

EQAO materials (you can check out EQAO tests and answers from years past)

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