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Visual Patterns

May 2, 2017

We explored some of the patterns at and worked on extending the 3 terms by creating term 4,5 and jumping to fimd term 10.  We also worked backwards to term 0.  We made pictures and tables and graphs to determine if the growth patterns were linear or non linear.  Some of us worked on making equations for the growth we see in the patterns.

Some patterns were pretty tricky.

We had to look carefully to see how the pattern was growing.  Some grew in multiple places.

We looked for what didnt grow.  We coloured the constant bits blue.

We then looked for what was growing, and how.

We made an equation that was C=(n)(n+1)(2)+3 since each rectangle was going to have the dimensions of n by n+1 and there were always two rectangles, and the constant was 3 which had to be added on at the end.

This was pretty advanced for grade 9!  We did a good job today!

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