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OAME Math Conference 

May 13, 2017

In case you were wondering where I have been the past two days, I have been at a provincial math conference at St. Lawrence college.  We’ve been in session, doing math and hearing lots of math teachers and math experts telling us some new strategies.  We did some patterning, just like we’ve been doing in class.I got to hear some pretty inspiring speakers, who write blogs full of good ideas.

Ms. Farahani is here too.  Here she is, meeting a math celebrity, Dan Meyer.

He caused a lot of excitement before he spoke at the Grand Theatre.  There was a line to take selfies with him.

Here’s his info, if you want to see his math ideas

Marian Small told us all about how we can increase reasoning skills in our lessons.

And Gail Vaz-Oxlade, the host of ” ‘Til Debt Does Us Part” talked to us all about financial literacy.

The math continued on Saturday morning…..bring on the Alge-Tiles!

And Escher art

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