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August 23, 2017

This website is for students in Ms. Bearse’s classes at K.C.V.I. for 2017-2018. Please click on your course to get more specific information.

There is a calendar for each class that will show test dates and homework assigned.  Photos of our activities will be posted below.

Daily Schedule
Period A: grade 11 college math (room 208)
Period B: grade 10 academic French Immersion math (room 208)
Period C:
Period D: grade 9 academic French Immersion math (room 208)

If you’re having difficulties with concepts that we’re learning in class please let me know.

Here are some learning skills rubrics for self evaluation

There is help available at school on Wednesdays in the library after school from the HYPE tutors from Queen’s.  There are also volunteer and paid tutors available.

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