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Sky scrapers

September 7, 2017

Today’s challenge has been an open question about a city plan.  In the 4×4 square grid there are buildings that are either 4,3,2, or 1 story, but only one of each height in each row or column.

The numbers on each side represent the number of buildings that can be seen from that vantage point.

We looked at different strategies for solving the problem, and how to use manipulative like linking cubes to help us.
With practice we got pretty good!

When faced with challenging problems, we have choices….we can give up and say “it’s too hard”, or we can keep trying….looking for new strategies, talking it over with other people, or sometimes just diving in and using trial and error.  

Some of us wanted an extra challenge and worked on a 5×5 grid!
We looked at strategies to solve these problems easily, and had our expert talk us through the process.

Great work!

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