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Paired review

September 27, 2017

Today we worked on reviewing trigonometry with grade 11s and linear systems with grade 10s.    We used a method of partner work where peers will be helping each other and working with a variety of people, so we are building our math skills and our people skills too!

Partners sit across the desk from each other and both work on solving a math problem on a card in front of them.  After everyone has the right answer we start with one side staying as the expert in that problem, and their partners across from them will shuffle one seat to their right and be the one trying the new problem in front of them.  They have the help of the expert across the table if they need it.  The goal is for the new person to the question to become an expert in that question, because the other side of the partnership, the old expert will be moving one seat to their right.  

The strategy is nice because everyone is doing math for most of the class time, and everyone has an expert nearby that can help them if they are struggling.

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