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Two snow days!?

January 23, 2018

Ok kids, here’s the plan!

Grade 9’s: work on your portfolio.  The test for chapter 7 is cancelled.  Here’s the sheet to prepare for your interview.

Here’s the portfolio rubric

And here’s the main page that says what you need in it.
There will be a final task in class tomorrow (weather permitting).

Please share this information wih friends and classmates.

Grade 10’s

You know the review…it’s at the end of the book.  Keep working on those questions.  Email me if you have tried, and your friends have tried, and you are still stuck on questions.  There will be a day of review tomorrow (likely parabola highlights), and the exam on Thursday.

Grade 11’s

You have a financial math portfolio to be working on.  Some of you might be looking for the outline…. here it is.  It’s due tomorrow.  There are good resources listed in the prior blog post.

Your exam (part 2) will be on Friday, and it’s based on quadratics and exponentials, similar to what was on the test, and financial math, including simple and compound interest calculations, and a tiny bit of probability.  Email me if you are stuck on what to study.

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