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February 6, 2018

Today we learned about teamwork in grade 10.  

We tried to accomplish the task of circling numbers in order from 1 to 100 on this page of mixed up numbers.  After 2.5 minutes, most of us were at about 20.

We put our brain power together, and took turns circling numbers in a group of 4.

The final time we took a minute to strategize.  We noticed some patterns about how the numbers were arranged, we changed our positions, some gathered close around one desk, and we helped each other!

With strategy and communication we were able to work very well to accomplish the task.  Some groups had all numbers circled in order in less than 2 minutes!

When working together we noticed that people faced eachother, were focussed on the task, communicated with each other, listened attentively, strategized, helped each other, encouraged each other, we did our fair share.  People were polite, and respectful.  It felt productive, inclusive, and there was a passion for the task, and the team.

We will bring all of these teamwork skills to our problem solving this term!  

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