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Physics field trip

February 21, 2018

We are lesrning about waves and sound and how instruments work.  Today we had a field trip to learn about how pipe organs work.  We have been learning about resonance in air columns, and harmonics.  It was nice to see and hear these in action!

We heard what different pipes sound like, and how having a stopper in the pipe will change the sound.

We looked at the keys and the pedals.  Each switch causes different pipes to sound.  Some sound like flutes, some sound like strings, some sound like oboes.
Here’s a reed pipe.  These will tend to go flat in warmer temperatures, whereas flute pipes tend to go sharp.  Organists need to tune the organ if there is a major change in temperature!

We went inside to see all the pipes.

Some of us even got to play!

Many thanks to Charlie, the organist who taught us all a lot!

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