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April 25, 2018

Today we followed up with what we started yesterday.  We finished our graphs and put them up to show everyone.  Then we consolidated our learning and added some new vocabulary.

We learned that direct relations go through (0,0) and partial ones do not go through (0,0).  We learned the names for the x intercept (abscisse à l’origine) and y intercept (ordonnée à l’origine), we looked at the rate of change (taux de variation) and also introduced the word slope (pente).  We noticed that the rate of change /slope is given by the coefficient in the equation and the y intercept is the same as the constant (initial value).  If the lines are parallel, they have the same slope.

We noticed some of the lines have positive slopes (upward to the right) and some have negative slopes (downward to the right).

Here is how one group visualized the relation with a negative slope.

Red is positive, blue is negative.  They started with the initial term of 5, and for each subsequent term they placed n groups of -2 beside the original 5.

Knowing what we know about zero pairs (from algebra and algetiles) we know that a positive 1 and negative 1 will cancel each other out. (Seen below)

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