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September 20, 2018

This has become a bit of a tradition!  In the fall we plant beans and follow their growth and graph their height over time.  Today we started out.  We put 5 kidney beans and 5 black eyed peas in packets of paper towel, dunked them in water and put them in a baggie.

We put the baggies by the window.  

Some groups are being the “control” and leaving them on the window ledge.  Others have added extra to their experiment.  We have groups depriving their beans of light (their baggies are in a drawer).  We also have groups experimenting with giving love to their beans….they love Jeremy but not Hank.  We’ll see what happens there!
Next week we’ll check to sew what has happened, and then plant them in some soil and start our data collection.

We also took stock of what we’ve been learning so far.  We made a mind map of our concepts that we are working on.

Some of us also got into groups to troubleshoot our technology woes as we all learn how to make portfolios and submit assignments online.

We learned these things:  write your assignment in word or a google doc first, because the mindsonline will “timeout” if you have it open for too long, and when you log back in your work is not there anymore.  

Some phones are not so compatible with brightspace, so we can use school ipads, or maybe have our friends use their device as a “class device” and then we can share.

We also learned that we can be experts and help our classmates and even help our teachers!
Impressive work today grade 9s.

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