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September 21, 2018

Grade 9s had a different kind of quiz today.  We were looking at problem solving, reasonig, justifying, estimation and communication.

We watched a video, and wrote down what we noticed, and wondered about the situation…then made some estimations to determine how many stickies it would take to cover the board.

It was then followed by a little bit of information about the dimensions of a stickie and the dimensions of the board, and we refined our prediction using the new information.

Some of us wanted a closer look…

Some of us got pretty creative when we used our resources

After we had our number of stickies, we needed to design a different board that could be covered by the same number of stickies.

Finally we watched the video conclusion to watch him finish creating the image, and to check our work.

No homework today grade 9s, unless you are still submitting assignments online or working on your email.

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