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Dear Parents…

September 27, 2018

Hello Grade 9s (specially those who were not here today because of the trip) you will get a blank quiz on Monday to try (or study from), hopefully someone in hour group watered your beans and checked on them.  Here’s the framework for your email home this week. Have a great PA day.

We talked also about the summative.  We will be looking at all the things we’ve worked on. 

Our list so far of things that can be on the summative:

Pythagorean Theorem, area and perimeter of composite shapes, including circular bits.  Maximizing area and minimizing perimeter (a.k.a. Make it more square), maximizing volume and minimizing area (a.k.a. Make it more cube-ish), surface area and volume of square based pyramids, cones and spheres (we’re still working on these solids next week).  If you are looking for things to work on this weekend, the material is in chapter 8, and a little bit of chapter 9.

We are looking for a more creative and less scary/stressful word than a test.  If you think up a good name please let me know.  Some of the good ones so far are “brain workout” or “celebration of knowledge”.  

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