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Median of a Triangle

October 3, 2018

After some practice with finding the equation of a line that goes through 2 given points we tackled an application of this process.  We determined where the medians were for the triangle, by eye.  We know a median cuts the area in half.  The way we do that is to join up a corner with the midpoint of the opposite side.  We were pretty good at eyeballing the medians.

We noticed medians all intersect together.  We know we can determine intersections by using substitution and elimination.

We got started on a problem involving numbers.

The fire drill interrupted the flow of things, but we found a numerical way to determine the midpoint of a segment.  The next step (which is for homework) is to determine the equation of the line that goes through point A (3,-5) and M(-4.5,2), the midpoint we calculated. 

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