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Preparation for tomorrow

October 4, 2018

We started class today with a close look at what our portfolio task is.  We read through the prompt together and talked about what evidence would be good to include, and what writing is expected.  We talked about the rubric, and reviewed how to submit work online.  

After that we followed up on a formative we did yesterday.  Yesterday we did 3 questions and indicated where we’d like more practice, and what we could maybe help others with.
Today we got into groups to work on our skills.  Some of us wanted to work on communication, others on using the pythagorean theorem, others on using various formulae for surface area and volume.  Each group had at least one “expert” in that category, and we worked through the solutions to yesterday’s questions, and did a bit of work on the model test for chapter 8.

After some time working, we got up at the boards to show what we know.

We worked together and checked our work for a couple complicated area and volume questions that involved the pythagorean theorem.  

Tomorrow is our “celebration of knowledge” (a.k.a. Summative assessment).  We’re ready!

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