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October 17, 2018

We’ve done a lot of practice with visual patterns, graphs, and expressions.  Today we added tables of values, and made our expressions into equations using c= in front of the expression we already know how to find.  C in this case represented squares (carrés) or things (choses).  

The activity is done in pairs, but the pairs change every 3 minutes.  Desks are arranged in a long line, with chairs on opposite sides of each desk.  Each pair (opposite each other) has a question card.  Today they had one of our representations, and the task was to create the 3 missing representations.  We had markers and tiles and white board out on the desks and many people wrote on the desks too.  Fuzzy socks are our friends! (They make the best erasers).

In pairs both people make sure they understand each of the representations, and feel like an expert.  This took about 5 minutes.  After this point one row of students stand up and shift one position to their right (the displaced person circles back to fill the gap left at the start of the row).  They are now going to solve the question in front of them with the help/prompting/guidance/quality control of the “expert” who did the question initially and didn’t change places yet.  This step took about 3 minutes for these questions today.  After the timer beeped, the previous expert row stands up and shifts to their right (forming a new pair)

We took pictures of our work for our portfolio task which is due this Friday.

We are getting good at showing our work, and connecting the various representations.  We can identify the constant term, and how many groups of “n” we are adding or taking away.

A special note goes to period C who determined that in order to fit 15 desks (to accommodate our class of 30) we’d need to use the diagonal of the room.  They used their knowledge of the pythagorean theorem!  We measured first to be sure it’d work.

Good work today grade 9s.  You are all getting to be experts!

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