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Technology in Grade 9

October 18, 2018

Today’s technology in grade 9 is the spreadsheet.  We used google sheets, but excel does similar things too.

We put data into the table on the spreadsheet, and learned how to make a scatter plot.  We formatted the graph and added titles.  We explored trend lines, and saw how a linear fit isn’t always the best model for real world data.  For beans that did show linear growth we inserted a trendline “droite ajustée” and looked at the expression that the computer gave us.  We recognized it has 2 parts, one is a constant, and one is the rate.  In this case the blue line has a constant of 14.1 which makes us think the bean was initially 14.1cm when it was planted, and the rate is 0.262 cm/day of growth.

We are making graphs of our beans using google sheets and working on making good models to fit their growth to predict their height next week.

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