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Solving equations

December 12, 2018

Today we started to work with equations (they are like two expressions on either side of an equal sign). We used algebra and our visual representations help us solve the equation.  We do the same things on both sides, and our goal is to isolate the variable.

We worked through several different types of questions.  Some of us had different approaches to solving…. like here we divided every term by 2 (the coefficient) first.

Some groups tried to add 2 to both sides to start….but at the end it didn’t verify.  (We couldn’t substitute our answer into the variable and have both sides remain equal).  Their next step was to restart with a new first step.  In this case they divided by 3 on both sides, and then have f-2=6 so f=8.

We are learning lots, and getting more confident with our new skills.

The next step was to manage equations with variables  on each side of the equal sign.  We need to choose a side, and use algebra (opposite operations) to make sure that the variables are on one side, and constants on the other.

Our final type of equation had fractions.  We can eliminate fractions first by multiplying by the denominator on both sides.  This is one strategy of many that we used to manage fractions.

We’re practicing a lot this week, and making good progress.

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