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Final preparations

January 24, 2019

Grade 9s worked on interview skills today and practiced answering questions that we may discuss during portfolio interviews.

We made 2 circles, and spoke for 30 seconds to answer the prompt, then our partner had a turn to answer.

We answered questions like “what was your biggest challenge this term?” Or “what was your organizational strategy that helped you”, or “how did you use collaboration to help you” or “what was your biggest lightbulb moment”.

We worked on listening carefully and being able to give feedback like a sandwich (positive, area for improvement, and then positive again).

We will come in and do 5 min discussion of our learning and growth as problem solvers for our interview over the next 2 days.  

We ended off with “oh the places you’ll go” a great book to read every year!

Thanks for the great semester everyone!

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