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Gr. 10 Quel côté gagnera?

February 5, 2019

round 1 tug of warround 2 tug of warfinal round tug of war

Grade 10s explored this problem today.  In Round 1 and 2 the tug of war is a draw (nobody wins).  The question is to determine who will win the final round, and to justify it sufficiently.

Many groups created equations and introduced variables, and solved the equations to determine which side would win.

We are using ideas of ratios and fractions and decimals, and showing important information in boxes.
We’re working towards clear communication, and solid justification of our answers.

We ended up with a different question. 

6 hamburgers and 5 drinks cost $30

10 hamburgers and 3 drinks cost $32

Determine the price of a hamburger.

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