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Problem Solving Strategies in grade 10

March 18, 2019

Today we focussed on solving problems.  Whether our problems are in life, or in math, we have similar strategies!

Gather information

Organize information

Make a plan

Check to see that the plan is working

Ask for help if needed

Check to see that the problem is solved

Our problems we are solving now are based on coordinate geometry.  We can calculate many things (slope, midpoint, length, perpendicular bisectors, medians) and we can do these calculations for various segments (side lengths, or diagonals of shapes).  We need to really be clear about our plan, because we can waste a lot of time if we get off track.

We are classifying triangles, calculating area and perimeter

We are classifying quadrilaterals, and looking at their diagonals
We are working hard in our groups to solve the problems, and to check our work and present our thoughts in an organized way.

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