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Speed dating in grade 9

March 25, 2019

We worked in pairs (across from each other) to solve a problem involving building a model of an expression using exponents, and another with a simplification problem.  

One side of the table stayed as “experts” and the other side of the table shifted one seat to their right.  They now did the question in front of them, with the help of the expert.  

Then the other side shifted one to their right, and tried the next question, helped by the expert who had just completed that question the round before.

This method of group work is called speed dating because you meet with a partner for a short time, and then work with other different partners over the course of the class.  

We’re clearing up misconceptions, and practicing different ways to represent expressions both with algebra, and with concrete models.

In other news: our beans are starting to sprout!

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