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All about angles

May 28, 2019

We used polygon tiles to build shapes and discuss angles. this first demonstration was more about fractions, but one blue rhombus is 1/3 of a hexagon, a trapezoid is 1/2 and a green triangle is 1/6 so we know that 1/3+1/6=1/2. We noted that the angles in the trapezoid and the rhombus were the same as the hexagon (120 degrees, since it’s regular) and the triangle had each angle as 60 degrees.

we made shapes that showed symmetry, and we also found lots of supplementary angles, and opposite angles to point out. We know that the angles around any point will add up to 360 as well.

This shape has rotational symmetry, and we were able to use the sum around a point being 360 degrees to figure out that the white rhombus has an acute angle of 30 degrees. We also noted that a lot of the sides are the same length, so that the shapes fit together nicely.

We also showed what we knew about opposite, supplementary, corresponding and alternate internal angles and transversals.

Finally we looked at an artistic bird image:

The task was to determine the dimensions of the shape we’d need to fill the negative space between the white rhombuses, and to calculate the area. A few measurements later, and we had it figured out! We’re always up for a neat challenge.

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