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How to keep your skills up over the summer

June 21, 2019

So, this semester’s over, and you’re ready for a break, but MAYBE you are worried that you’ll lose your math skills over the summer.  Here are some resources for you to check out to keep your skills sharp.

Knowledgehook:  This is a free online learning environment with questions to solve.  Enter the class code in the upper right of the browser.  You’ll have access to a lot of practice material.

Grade 9 Math class code jazz2992

Grade 10 Math class code grow7986

KhanAcademy:  Free video lessons and practice questions that are useful for filling gaps in past learning, review of course work, and also reaching ahead to learn new skills.  You can create an account to keep track of your progress and earn badges and things.

If you want, you can sign up to be in a class (so I can see your progress) Here’s the code: EPM62QZJ

EQAO: If you want to go over some past EQAO tests, there are lots available online (answers are all posted too so you can check your work)

Multiplication Tables: We do Five Minute Frenzy Multiplication drills at the start of term.  Here are some sheets to keep your mind sharp!  Answers are provided.

MathsLibres: Here are some great french math algebra worksheets.  Answers provided.

Purplemath: Some good math lessons with videos and test questions to try.

Mathies: online manipulatives to use, and gap closing activities to practice key skills.

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