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3 act math

September 5, 2019

Today in grade 9 and 10 we worked on 3 act math problems. These problems are sparked by a video/situation, we notice things, we ask questions, we get more information and then we do math to solve the problems we can. The 3rd act is when the solutions is given and we can check our work.

We are standing up when we are doing our work because it’s good to be up and moving, and it keeps us from being passive. Also, having our work on the boards can be helpful for our classmates to see and get hints, or we use the work that’s presented and discuss things like how to present a good solution, and various strategies used to get to the answer.

We have 1 marker per group, and everyone takes turns writing, and calculating, and thinking about what’s next.

At the end of the problem, we can always check with other groups to see if our solutions make sense, or figure out where we went wrong.

Time flies when we’re doing math!

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