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Friday in grade 9

September 6, 2019

We are working on collecting a set of data. We are multiplying each day, and tracking how many questions we can do in 5 minutes. We’ll graph our progress after a few weeks.

We looked at some strategies that can help make multiplying by 12 easier. We also saw that these strategies could help with 7s as well. We split the 12 up into 10 and 2, and we can split a 7 up into 5 and 2. An area model is a quick way to represent this.

Next we looked at a 3 act task called crazy taxi.

We connected how long the taxi was driving to how much the fare was. We are working on representing our work in different ways, like equations, and tables of values.

We also sent emails home to keep families up to date about what we’re doing in math. For homework, please try to sign up on knowledgehook and explore some of the challenges.

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