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Area and perimeter

September 10, 2019

Today grade 9s got their formula sheet which can be used on all tests, quizzes and the eqao test. We practiced how to calculate area and perimeter of composite shapes.

we looked at the different ways to break up a composite shape to calculate the area. We also looked at how to calculate the length of missing sides. Sometime we’ll need to use the pythagorean theorem to help us.we learned the area of a trapezoid song, and sang it in a round!we looked at circles, and circumference and area calculations as well.and finally we looked at how to determine the perimeter of a shape when we know the area. In this case we needed to divide the area by a side length to find the missing side length. We worked with fractions and saw how to divide, multiply, and add fractions to solve.

Here’s the trick for dividing fractions!

we know that the second fraction in the division question is named the “divisor”, so we can flip the divisor, or flip da-visor…and then we multiply.

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