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Learning from our TV dimensions graph

September 18, 2019

We used our desmos graph and added a line of best fit (by typing y=mx+b) and adjusted it with the sliders.

We noticed that “m” changes the slope (steepness) of the line, or makes it positive or negative. We noticed “b” changes the place where the line crosses the vertical axis.

We are practicing lots of our vocabulary as we look at these graphs.

We also got desmos to do a regression for us (to make the best line of best fit). We need to type in y2~mx2+b this time. The ~ tells the program that we want a regression, and the little 2s after the x and y link to the headings of the table of values we used.

We looked at interpolating and extrapolating, and making a rate triangle to approximate “m”.

We have some homework for tonight that uses desmos and analysis of graphs.

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