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Learning from mistakes

September 23, 2019

We watched the following videos about mindset and how we learn more when we struggle with concepts and confront our mistakes.

Today test 1 was returned to grade 10s, and we will be looking at our mistakes and completing an error analysis task where we look at the question, identify what type(s) of errors we made, and then write the correct solution.

The error classifications we are using are

inattention, not reading things carefully, careless mistakes

computation, calculation error, error with +/- signs, PEDMAS error etc

precision, communication error, units, work is too messy to follow

problem solving, didn’t have a plan, got stuck and couldn’t continue

and test taking strategy, spending all the time on one question and not finishing the rest.

We will be reflecting on the things we can do differently to prepare better for the next one. Good ideas are: working hard in class, asking questions, doing homework and checking answers, getting a tutor, studying by redoing questions and working through the chapter review problems, making study notes to summarize the unit.

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