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All about angles

January 7, 2020

Grade 9s worked on figuring out all of the angles presented in our box of blocks, without measuring!

Some groups compared shapes, and used their knowledge of the interior angles of a regular hexagon as a basis for comparison. We also can have a nice conversation about fractions here!

Knowing that a square has angles of 90, and this trapezoid has an acute angle of 60 (see above) we can figure out that the light rhombus has an angle of 30 since 90+60+30=180 and as you can see they add up to a straight angle above!

Some groups had good comparison methods…3 acute angles added to make 90 so each angle must be 30.

Some added 6 acute angles together to make 180 so each of the acute angles must be 30. (180/6=30)

some took it even farther! It takes 12 to go around a full circle, so 360/12 gives us the value for each acute angle of the rhombus. We went on to discuss the value of an exterior angle for this 12 sided shape, and what each interior angle would be, and what the sum of interior angles would be, and the sum of exterior angles too.

we can build interesting patterns and see that there are parallel lines and transversals shown here. We can see the z,f,and x patterns. We can see supplementary angles. We can also calculate the angles of empty space shown. Around each junction, we can also add angles to make 360.

We are working on our final portfolio task: solving for unknown angles using many strategies.

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