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Teamwork skills

February 4, 2020

Grade 9s worked today on a task of circling all the numbers from 1 to 100 in order. The task was first done independently.

And then later done as a team to see if it could get done faster that way.

What is interesting about this task is that after a little while, a pattern emerges, if everyone is taking turns and using their own marker.

Every number is in a quadrant. Once we recognize that, we can plan effectively, and improve our strategy!

Groups began to get up, and cluster close together

People helped others find their next number

And we found great success in our teamwork.

What had originally taken over 10 minutes to do independently could be accomplished in under 2 minutes in a well organized team.

We brainstormed what it looks like/sounds like/feels like to be in a good team afterwards, and are going to refer back to our list over the course of the term.

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