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Problem solving day!

February 11, 2020

Grade 9s started off by collecting data on their multiplication skills. We are multiplying daily, and discussing strategies to multiply more easily. Eventually we will graph our progress.

After that, we looked at the pythagorean theorem, and how to use it to calculate one of the perpendicular sides, when the hypotenuse is known.

This video really helps us visualize the pythagorean theorem, and why sometimes we add the squares together, and why sometimes we subtract.

We then applied our knowledge to solve a rather complex problem.

We are working at the boards so that everyone can see our work, and we can get help from others easily.

we are working on clear communication of our solutions.We are showing our steps, and writing out our formulae clearly. We have shown good skills with BEDMAS too.

Excellent work today grade 9s!

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