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Looking Forward

July 3, 2020

Hello everyone, happy summer!  Congratulations on finishing up a very unusual term.

We are not sure yet what we will be doing in the fall, but I’m sure it will be different from what we’ve done before.  In the mean time, be safe, wear a mask, stay away from people.

For those of you who would like to do some extra practice/review I suggest knowledgehook (grade 9s you can use class code gum4578 and have access to lots of missions and review questions)

khanacademy has lots of videos and questions and can help you fill some gaps in your understanding.

For those of you wanting to work on your multiplication skills.  Here are the Five Minute Frenzy sheets that we got pretty good at last year.

You could also play around with desmos and see if you can create some amazing art!

Have a good summer and keep in touch.

Mme Bearse


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