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About Me

Hello everyone,

I’m from Kingston, and went to school at Winston Churchill, Vanier, KCVI, and Queen’s University (for both Engineering and Education).

I’ve been a teacher since 2003.  I’ve taught in Smiths Falls as well as Kingston, and I’ve taught grade 7/8 as well as high school.  I’m qualified to teach Physics, Math, Chemistry and French, but most often I’ve been teaching French Immersion Math to grade 9s and 10s.

Outside of school I sing with the Cantabile Choirs of Kingston, and I knit, spin, dye yarn, weave and quilt.

My part time job in university (a conversation class instructor at the Queen’s School of English) has opened my eyes to the wider world and given me many friends to visit.  I’ve visited Japan, Korea, Jordan, Egypt, France, Iceland, the UK and a road trip from Belgium northward to the very top of Norway.

My hope for my students is that they will learn not only the curriculum material, but also a little bit about themselves, the world, and how to be a positive contributing member of a team.  I look forward to hearing from them in 10 years and finding out about their adventures.

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