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Need Help?

Here’s a good article about needing math help.

Sometimes math gets overwhelming.  If you need help, here are some things you should do.

On Your Own

  1. Be proactive: go to class, take notes, ask questions, do your homework and check your answers in the back of the book to be sure you are doing them right.
  2. Work on filling the gaps in your understanding with khanacademy videos and practice problems (
  3. Use the Homework help website (teachers are available to help you out online)
  4. Ask Mme. Bearse for help when you feel really confused.  Try to ask for help well before quizzes or tests.

With Friends/Classmates

  1. Form a study group to go over word problems, or compare solutions (there are often many ways to solve a problem)
  2. Review together before weekly quizzes, go over solutions once quizzes are returned.
  3. Make up questions for each other and solve them.  Follow the model of questions from the textbook or from notes, quizzes or tests.
  4. Practice teaching a concept to your friends.  The act of teaching will help you realize what areas you know and what ones you’re not sure of yet.


  1. Volunteer tutors: Sr. Students, or very keen and confident grade 10s who have finished the course, may be willing to tutor individuals or groups at lunch or after school.  They will get volunteer hours, and you will get help!  To find a tutor you can ask Mme. Bearse, check on the bulletin board in our classroom, or ask in Student Success (sometimes there are Blues Crew Tutors who are eager to help math students)
  2. HYPE tutors: Queen’s students come to tutor students for free on Wednesdays after school in the library.  Bring your questions and your friends!
  3. Paid tutors: Community members (Queen’s students, retired teachers etc) are a great resource.  A list of tutors who have police checks on file with the school is available on our classroom bulletin board.  Ask around, your friends may be able to give you a good recommendation for a tutor.  Rates will vary.
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