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November 26, 2019

Grade 10s explored a leapfrog problem.

Using either this site, or a game board and frogs, we looked at the number of moves it takes to have the frogs swap sides. The frogs can slide one space or hop over another frog and each counts as one move.

We aimed to minimize the number of moves to have the frogs switch sides. We can vary the number of frogs, and then look for patterns. The goal was to be able to say how many moves it would take for any given number of frogs.

We saw a few ways to model the problem. Here’s a neat visual model.

Some used tables and used the equation with desmos to show that the equation was a good fit.

Once we figured out the equation for this situation, we were ready for a new challenge. What happens if there were 2 spaces between frogs at the start? What happens if there are different numbers of frogs on each side? How will this affect our equations?

Word problems

November 26, 2019

Grade 9s are working at solving word problems.

we’re looking at the words and seeing what information we can get from the question, and then we are making equations out of the information.

We’re working on communicating clearly with words and symbols.we want our work to be able to be easily understood by others.

We’ve got a test on Tuesday, so we’re working hard to prepare.

Les transformations des paraboles

November 26, 2019

Voici un graphique de desmos qui montre les transformations d’une parabole

Number of high fives in the room

November 25, 2019

Today grade 10s looked at how many unique high fives there are in our classroom. We had 32 in the room today, and a unique high five is considered a high fove between 2 people.

With 32 it gets challenging to draw out…

Easier to draw smaller cases

We looked at the table of vales we created from these smaller cases, and found patterns which we extended to our number of 32 people. We also looked for a general case, and from the second differences, calculated “a”, from the table we found the constant, or “c” term, and then calculated the value of “b” in our standard form equation.

Creative representations

November 15, 2019

We have 3 Owens in our class. The Owens have used themselves to create some algebraic representations.

Here is 3 Owen

And here is Owen^3 (Owen cubed)

Mighty creative!

Test preparation

November 13, 2019

We’re working really hard to get ready for tomorrow’s test. We’re practicing with tiles, practicing with text books, taking pictures of our work, using google classroom, and making our digital study notes. We’re working together to get last minute questions answered, and to be sure of all of the algebra rules we need.

We all need calculators for tomorrow! We’re ready. We’ll do well tomorrow.

Algebra practice

November 12, 2019

Grade 9s worked “speed dating style” to review algebra concepts today, and solve problems together.

by working in pairs, across the table, we can help each other out, and coach our peers to understand and perfect our algebra skills.

We are having fun too!