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All about Teamwork

September 5, 2018

Today’s task in grade 9 was all about teamwork.  Our mission was to take turns and circle all the numbers from 1 to 100 in order.  

It’s a bit of a neat number page because if completed in groups of 4 we can notice something cool.

All the numbers for each person are grouped in a quadrant.

Knowing that, we tried again and were able to get through many more numbers within the set time.

We got faster due to practice, and using some strategies.  The third time we did the activity we had a minute to strategize as a group, to make a plan, to arrange ourselves, and see if our new ways worked better.

We gathered close to the paper either on the ground…

Or around one desk.

Many groups stood up

The level of focus was impressive on such a hot day!

Overall we noticed some strategies that helped a lot.  We brainstormed what the attributes of good teamwork are.  We classified them as what it looks like, what good teamwork sounds like, and what good teamwork feels like.

Our brainstormed list was compiled, and the overall list made by both grade 9 classes will be posted soon!

Well done again today grade 9s!

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