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Day 3 in Grade 9

September 6, 2018

We’ve started our first project.  We are doing an experiment and collecting data to later graph and discuss trends.

Our data collection takes 5 minutes of our time each day.  We are working with multiplication!

We have 100 mixed multiplication questions from 2-12.  We collected initial data yesterday, and then talked about some useful strategies or ways to represent multiplication.  We talked about how multiplying is repeated addition, or how it can be shown as an array, or a rectangle.

We talked about how if we can double something, and double it again it’s like multiplying the original by 4, or id we double again, like multiplying by 8.

It’s fun to see how many different ways we can attack a multiplication question, and different ways of representing our thinking.

We applied our strategies today and collected more data.  We are using the date as the independent variable, and collecting a few options for our dependent variables.  Some of us will graph how our results improve over time, how our mistakes decrease over time, and how we can get faster by using different strategies and practice.

The next thing we did today was to look at a 3 act math task.  We used a video of “crazy taxi” act 1 and wrote down what we noticed and wondered.

Then we watched a video with more information and a question attached.

We needed to determine how much a 30km ride would cost.

We used different strategies to show our thinking.  We practiced good group work, and excellent communication.

We watched the 3rd act to see the resolution.

We had an extension to see how far we could travel if we had 83 dollars.  

(In case you’re wondering…fuzzy socks are excellent white board erasers!)

We made good progress today with our problem solving and communication.  Great work grade 9s.

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