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Dear Parents

September 6, 2018

Today we are writing emails home to share what we have done this week, and share a little bit about our course.   Photos can be used from Mme Bearse’s website for this week, but you will be starting to take your own photos of your work over the next weeks for use in your portfolio.

To: parent/guardian email address

CC: (Mme Bearse’s email) –this will send Mme Bearse a copy of the email you send to your parent/guardian.

Subject: Grade 9 Math Weekly email

Feel free to elaborate a little and communicate this information in your own words.  Please include all of this information because it is important, and parents/guardians love hearing all about what you are doing in school.

“Dear ________________,

Our math class is writing weekly emails home to share a little bit about what we are learning, and how we are growing as students and mathematicians.  This week we have been solving different types of problems, and we’ve been doing most of that in groups. ”

*Here is where you should describe one of the problems you’ve solved.  Sky scrapers, number circling, crazy taxi.  You should include a photo that helps explain the problem (a picture is worth 1000 words–if you choose a good one!)

“We learned some of the elements of good group work: “*summarize the ones that are most meaningful to you.  *choose a photo to show good team work and explain how you know it is good team work.  “I know this picture shows good teamwork because….”

“Right now, I think that my teamwork strengths are_________________________, because__________________________.  I think that an area I can work on is ____________________________________________”

*think carefully about a group work goal you can make–goals should be specific, attainable, and measurable.

“Here’s some general information about our course.  Ms. Bearse has a website ( which shows some photos of our activities in class.  It also has a calendar that will show homework/important dates.  We will have weekly quizzes on Fridays.  For more information about tests etc. we can look at the course outline together” (*available online if you’ve lost it already)

“So far I’m feeling ________________________ about math class.  I’m excited about learning about ______________________________, and nervous about ________________________.”

“This weekend I’ll show you some multiplication strategies I’ve learned.”

*Sign off your email however you like, but include your name–it might seem super formal, but it will help Mme. Bearse know who sent the email if your address does not include your name.

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