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The Power of YET!

October 10, 2018

If you missed class today please give this video 11 minutes of your time.  The message is worth hearing, maybe a few times!!

We are working on developing a growth mindset.

Today we got our first summative back in grade 9.  We are working on error analysis sheets now to dive into our errors, and get to the bottom of things.  We will classify the errors that we make as “inattention”–the “oops” kind of errors where you just don’t think.  “Calculation” where you went wrong with integers, order of operations, or exponents etc. “Precision” where you don’t communicate things clearly, miss phrases/headings/units, or things are a general mess, and “Problem Solving” which would be errors like not having a plan, not knowing where to start, getting stuck and not having a strategy.

We also noticed that some of us had trouble with other test taking skills like time management, or knowing that there was a backside to the page!  We have called these errors “strategy errors” and we’re making note of things like–“I didn’t have a plan and got stuck on a question and couldn’t move on…” or “I wrote WAAAAAY too much for one question and gave maybe more than was needed and ran out of time”… or…. “I didn’t read the question and I calculated area instead of volume, and then I realized and I had to do it all over again”…. or “I used trial and error and it took me forever to do one question…so I ran out of time”

There’s also a column to write the correct solution to the problem.  It’s important to face our errors, and learn from them.  They help us see what things we overlook, or what things we don’t know well enough….YET.


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