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Communication in Grade 9

October 15, 2018

Today’s focus is on communicating our math.  We have been writing emails home each week, and writing responses to prompts every 2 weeks.  Some areas of the responses are needing a bit of attention.  Reading instructions seems to be a challenge!

In each response, we need to answer the questions and address all areas of the prompt.  We need to show our understanding of the math concepts and vocabulary, and also we need to reflect on our learning.

To help make this more visible today we looked at some fictional responses and we marked the text using various colours.  Yellow was for any part that was reflective, the other highlighter was for any part that showed evidence of understanding, and we circled in pencil anything that was a summary of our activities.

We worked on adding things to the text to make it more complete to bump it up.

We are getting better at identifying evidence and reflections, and hopefully we will be able to compose more thorough responses as we move forward.

Communication is so important, and it’s not always easy.  Good work today grade 9s.

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