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Practice EQAO

October 24, 2018

In grade 9 there is a provincial test at the end of the term.  We are doing some practice today with multiple choice questions dealing with linear relationships.

We put the questions up on the wall, and had 4 minutes at each station to give them a try.

We are finding that sometimes we are missing key details when we read the questions.  It’s important to read them a few times, and highlight key words.  

With multiple choice questions we can work through them as we would normally approach a question, or we can also work backwards with the answers given.  Sometimes we can eliminate ridiculous answers first and then think further.

Although we don’t HAVE to show our reasoning for multiple choice, it is often a really good way to verify our answer.

Sometimes it helps to draw on the question….to show where the line will go.

Past years of EQAO tests are available on their site.  Note: we write the English version of EQAO.

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