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Period B patterning

October 25, 2018

Period B got into patterning and polygons.  We looked at how many degrees there are in a triangle.  If we add up all the angles….

We get 180 degrees!  The angles are supplementary, and make a straight line.

We looked at a lot of polygons.  We drew diagonals from one point to the other corners.

We counted the number of triangles that we created too.  

Here is the table for the number of diagonals, and the equation we made.

Here’s the table and equation for the number of triangles.

And then we did another table and equation for the number of degrees in the polygon.

We then looked at if a shape had 100 sides, what the sum of the internal angles would be, and if it was regular (all congruent angles) what each angle would be.

We tried one with 1000 sides too!
As the shape gets more and more sides, the shape looks closer and closer to a circle.  The internal angles get closer and closer to 180 degrees.

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