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Modelling word problems with percentages in grade 10

February 19, 2019

We looked at some complicated mixture problems today.  For example, if you want to create a mixture of muesli that is 600 grams and 21% nuts, but all you have is two containers, one had muesli that has 30% nuts, the other has muesli that has 15% nuts.  How much from each container do you need to create your ideal mixture?

We needed to determine what our variables should be, and how to build them into 2 equations.  We need 2 equations to solve 2 variables.  

Then we solved with substitution or elimination.

We looked at a few mixture problems, and then tried an investment problem that also dealt with percentages and interest.

We are leaning into the struggle.  We are recognizing when we are stretching our capacity, and celebrating when we make sense of things that are challenging.

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