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Speed dating for review

May 7, 2019

In grade 10 and 12 today we did a speed dating style review. Paired up, we looked at solving problems.

Grade 10s were looking at features of parabolas given different forms of the equations, completing the square, and factoring. Grade 12s were working on special triangles, graphing trig functions, and solving problems all using radian measure.

After working on a problem, one side of the partnership shifts one space to their right, and tries the next problem with support from the expert who stayed behind.

A timer is set, and after the 5 minutes is done, the other side of the partnership shifts one space to THEIR right to create a new partnership. Each person gets a chance to be the expert, after having been supported through the problem. Each person gets opportunities to work with many different partners.

Students become better at pacing, better at giving good clues, and asking good questions, communication improves, and 72 minute classes pass by pretty quickly when done in this format!

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