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Lines, lines, lines

May 8, 2019

we looked at lots of lines today, some were direct, like this one with a constant of 0, we noticed the rate triangle which shows that the line goes up by 2 for every one it goes over. We also looked at how each point has coordinates that satisfy the equation, so if x=5, y=(2)(5)=10

We saw that if the rate is written as a decimal or a fraction it’s the same thing. The line can go up by 0.5 every one time it goes over, or it can go up by 1 every time it goes over by 2.

We saw how if there is just a constant, the rate is 0 so it is a horizontal line.

And if there is x=a number for the equation, it’s a vertical line.

We looked at how helpful desmos can be for graphing lines, and for telling if an equation is linear or not.

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