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Fun and Games math review

February 21, 2017

We are reviewing some of our math skills in preparation to run some activities with our grade 7 math buddies.  This one is a stacking game where fractions and percents are matched up.

When all the cards are in the stack, you know its well done when the bottom of the stack equals the top of the stack.

To create this type of review: first make a list of the questions you will use.  Make sure that none of the answers repeat.  Write the question on one side of the first card, and set it aside.  Write the answer to that question on the next card.  Flip that card over and write the next question on the back.  Continue that process until you get to the last answer, which should be written on the back of the original card.  This creates a loop, so no matter what card is chosen as the starting card, the stack can be built without any trouble!

Another puzzle we did today was a tarsia puzzle reviewing fractions, decimals and percents.  (source).  Equivalent expressions are matched until all pieces are connected.

We did another tarsia puzzle with square roots and squares. (source)

To create your own puzzle, you can find some templates online.  I searched for “triangles in a hexagon” and got many options to print out and write questions onto.

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