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What a week!

January 18, 2019

Grade 9s have worked incredibly hard (and ate a lot of cake) this week.  They have finished EQAO testing and should be proud of their accomplishments.  Test scores look pretty high over all.  Final EQAO results will be available at midterm in the fall, but for now we have good estimations, and reasons to celebrate.

I am proud of everyone for their excellent attitude, perseverence, and collaboration over the course of the term.  We have done a lot of thinking about our learning, and reflecting on what helps us, and where we tend to make mistakes.

We are better at reading questions, picking out important information, asking good questions, communicating our reasoning in multiple formats, knowing that if we get stuck there’s more than one path to get to the answer, and being able to ask for help when we need it.

Today we prepared for our culminating task. We looked at the following photos.

And we noticed a theme!  We next brainstormed as many good quality thinking questions about the scenario.  We categorized them according to the curriculum by “number sense and algebra”, “linear relations”, and “geometry and measurement”.  

Some of us wanted to know how many people you could feed with all that.  Some wondered how long you could sustain yourself with that number of calories.  Some asked about how many cones you’d need if you scooped all the ice cream.

Others got creative about packaging.  Some talked about optimizing the surface area to volume ratio of the containers, or calculating empty space in the box of cones.

Some talked about prices, comparing prices of different brands, or of different package sizes.  Some talked about going into business selling ice cream cones, and if you wanted to make enough money to afford new shoes, how many cones would you need to sell, and at what price, knowing that there are also costs involved in operating an ice cream truck!

Others talked about stacking cones in a tower, and how many cones you’d need to make a stack 10 feet tall.

It was impressive creative thinking!

On Monday we’ll have a new scenario presented and work similarly to brainstorm, and choose our 3 questions to answer.  Tuesday we’ll work independently and answer them.

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